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Unformatted text preview: Homelessness Things to Know & Think About Things to know: What are the best current estimates of the number of homeless (all of them)? What are the contemporary populations of homeless people & how are they being served? Where can one work with the homeless? What is the name of current legislation targeting homeless families & what are the important points? Things to think about: Are the current needs of homeless families being served? What improvements could be made? Numbers of Homeless 650,000 on any given night (Urban Institute, 2000) Tough to count – Hidden homeless – Transient Why? Contributing Factors High cost of housing Low wages Lack of affordable health care Domestic violence Mental illness Addiction disorders Contemporary Populations Single parent families Causes Strengths Shelter rules: no boys over a certain age, leave at 7am, not child friendly, employees disciplining children, no snacks Contemporary Populations Runaway youth – – – – – Single men, veterans, mentally ill, addicts Elderly Streets not shelters Survival behavior History of abuse Suspicious of adults Outsider status Working with the Homeless Emergency shelters Daytime drop­in centers Transitional housing programs Domestic violence shelters Public housing Section 8 McKinney­Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987 States funding for homeless children in the school system: – – – – – – – – same educational opportunities cannot segregate best interest of the child liaison immediate enrollment transportation unaccompanied youth case by case basis Parents don’t know! ...
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