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Unformatted text preview: Macro Practice Macro Practice Things to Know & Think About Things to Know & Think About Things to know: What is macro practice Why do it? Types of macro practice Types of global crises & their statistics Things to think about: What is important to you & your work? Practice with communities & organizations Troubles caused by an external source – – – – – – – – Social justice Economic justice Human rights What & Why? What & Why? Structural change through social action Program development Community development Community organizing Policy practice Global advocacy Mobilizing for Change Mobilizing for Change Community Development Community Organizing – organizations & members Policy Practice – defined by problem or concern – fundraising – nature of social policy – policy analysis International Human Services International Human Services HIV / AIDS Pandemic Indigenous people – 12 million Torture & abuse LGBT rights – Cultural genocide, depression, substance abuse Crimes Against Women Crimes Against Women Honor killings Female genital mutilation Human sex trafficking – 100 million girls Street children – failed govt. policy Child labor & economic injustice – Women & children forced into slavery, marriage and the sex trade – 800,000 under 18 – 4 year olds working 12 hour days ...
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