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Unformatted text preview: Legal Issues & Legal Issues & Ethical Decisions Things to Know & Think About Things to Know & Think About Things to know: How are laws implemented? What are the key legal issues of which every human service worker should be aware? What are the key professional ethical values? What are the steps to ethical decision making & how are they different from each other? Things to think about: Will you remember to follow the steps of ethical decision making when faced with an ethical dilemma? What do I present & represent? What do I present & represent? Code of ethics Basic presentation – Image – Attitude – Tone How Laws Work How Laws Work State laws Regulations Federal laws Regulations Agency policies and procedures Supervisors Street­level bureaucrats Key Legal Issues Key Legal Issues Confidentiality Privileged communication child abuse duty to warn Least restrictive setting Right to refuse tx danger to self/others Right to tx Privacy – informed consent – limited data access Due process Key Professional Ethical Values Key Professional Ethical Values Beneficence Non­maleficence Self­determination Informed consent Confidentiality Non­discrimination Self­disclosure Accurate representation Professional competence Big three: sometimes in conflict with each other! Ethical Decision­Making Ethical Decision­Making Identify problem or dilemma Identify ethical issues involved Review ethical guidelines Obtain consultation Consider courses of action Identify consequences Decide on course of action ...
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