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How to Write an Excellent Program Proposal FMSC383: Spring 2010 Ashleigh Jobson Megan Fitzgerald 1
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The purpose of this assignment is to create a simple human services program, easily implemented by an intern or entry level employee, which will address a social problem that is of interest to you. The program can be any type of program (psycho-educational, therapeutic, outreach, etc…) but must be theoretically sound, and fill a gap. There should also be some sort of family focus – you are family scientists. How do we support families? The paper should be a minimum of 6 and maximum of 9 pages long, double-spaced, with a font-size of 12, and be in APA style. The budget spreadsheet and references do not count as pages. Include a typed and signed honor pledge and the cover sheet of the assignment. Two sample proposals will be posted for you to use as a example of formatting, length, paragraph structure, etc. In general, proposals should contain: 1. Headers that match the rubric pretty darn closely. 2. Sections that match the rubric perfectly 3. Professional language, primarily 3 rd person Proposals must be for a program small and simple enough that you could implement it all by yourself as an intern, in terms of staff, hours, and funding required. You may employ a small staff, but it will most likely be comprised of other student volunteers or interns, or others you could reasonably be expected to supervise. For guidelines on how to write a memo, see: . However, when in doubt, use the rubric. There are many types of memos – this is a program proposal, and will be different from others you may have prepared in the past for business or other classes. Keys to Success 1. This assignment is supposed to be challenging, as well as fun and creative. The most important thing to do is get started early, and work on each section a little at a time. Workshops will be provided throughout the semester to help you stay on track with brainstorming each section. This cannot be stressed enough: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE WORKSHOPS. Rough drafts for each section are required , but some weeks these will be better than others. Do not miss a workshop because you have not prepared the appropriate draft - even if you just jot down a few ideas, it will make the proposal writing experience a lot less frustrating. You do NOT want to realize at 3 am the night before this is due that your program does not fit the project criteria and thus have to start from scratch. 2. The hardest part is just thinking of a good idea for a simple program. You should aim to design a pilot program with a limited number of participants, often within a larger organization. Keeping the program small will make writing latter sections easier, such as keeping an
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