Lecture 19

04c left lateral right lateral folds layers can

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Unformatted text preview: ateral Folds Layers can Layers be folded be Anticline Syncline Anticline Syncline 08.05.a Domes and Basins Dome Basin 08.05.a Monocline 08.05.a Geometry of Folds g in H e Limb 08.05.b Limb Plunging Plunging fold fold Axial Surface Upright fold Asymmetric fold Overturned fold Rock Cleavage Cleavage Cleavage plane plane 08.06.a Foliation 08.06.b Schistosity Gneissic foliation Flattened pebbles Foliation from shearing Lineation Oriented minerals Stretched crystals Shearing marks 08.06.c Other Metamorphic Features Preserved features Preserved Shear zone Folded pebbles Folded Deformed foliation 08.06.d Metamorphism of Sedimentary Rocks Increasing metamorphism of shale Increasing 08.07.a Slate Schist Sandstone Sandstone becomes quartzite quartzite Limestone Limestone becomes marble marble Gneiss...
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