Module 1b

Module 1b - Scientific laws are from extensive observation...

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Chemisty The study of matter in all its forms. What are its characteristics and how does it behave under various conditions Under what circumstances will it change How can chemisty be applied to society Early chemical technology Fermentation Bronze age casting Paints cosmetics Chemicals are everywhere Matter in the universe Hydrogen + helium= 98% of earths chemical composition Heavier elements are produced later in star life cycle Hydrogen Helium Oxygen Carbon Neon Iron Nitrogen Silicon Magnesium Sulfur Different philosophies Nature can be understood by logic – Aristotle Bacon introduced concept of natural philosophy and importance of experiments Alchemy as art Research included elixir of life and philosopher’s stone Modern science Hypothesis – must be testable
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Unformatted text preview: Scientific laws are from extensive observation and testing Theories are tentative to change Scientific models are created to help understand phenomena Scientific Method Scientific research Basic research – created knowledge and new understanding Applied research – specific societal problems The code of life James Watson and francis crick – structure of DNA discovered Led to biotechnology Agricultural research George Washington Carver Created science called chemurgy, the use of argriculture in industry Human Impacts Malthus questioned the sustainablility of earth for population growth Environmental Sensitivity Rachel Carson Zoology Dangers of pesticides Cornerstone of environmental movement...
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Module 1b - Scientific laws are from extensive observation...

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