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Psych Notes (2.3)

Psych Notes (2.3) - Notes from Next exam= Next Monday...

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Notes from 5/5/08 Next exam= Next Monday; Personality & Mental Health Final exam= Wed, 21 st 1:30-3:30; 80 questions Mental Illness How will we label or categorize people as mentally ill? People who are labeled as mentally ill generally carry a social stigma w/ them Much different than someone who has a physical illness What is abnormal? Examples What’s considered to be normal varies over time and from cultural to culture Ex) In modern Western culture, hearing voices when there is no one else in the room is a symptom of schizophrenia; in other societies these people were viewed as being the chosen ones The distinction between abnormal & normal is fuzzy and vague Are some kinds of sexual behavior an indicator of abnormality? Ex) Some people believe that homosexuality is a problem (religion) Where do we draw the line? Standards change from culture to culture and generation to generation Criteria Deviance —behavior which is inconsistent with social norms This can be a problem Maladaptive behavior —behaviors which impairs a persons ability to function adequately in normal social situations People who have a difficult time maintaining a job, social situation Personal distress —behavior which gives the individual participating in the behavior a great amount of stress Look at behavior in terms of content, context, and consequence Content : behavior is abnormal is maladaptive, if it appears bizarre or irrational, if unpredictable or uncontrollable Context : where and when behavior takes place Consequences
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