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msom 302 Exam3 Study - 1 MSOM 302 EXAM 3 TAKE HOME NOTE...

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1 MSOM 302. EXAM 3 TAKE HOME NOTE : This exam is based entirely on faith. Please do not discuss it with anybody else. You may, however, freely use your textbook and the lecture notes to answer the questions. Before starting the exam, review the subject matter carefully. Observe due date and time. Once the assignment folder is locked, it cannot be reopened. You must submit the exam in the assignment folder in BB as a word doc attachment . Before submitting, make very sure you’re submitting the right document. Remember, this is a formal exam , and submission is YOUR responsibility. You can submit only once. So, submit only the final version. Submit a Word doc or a text file. If you’re using this doc to write your answers in, make sure you use a different font type and color (for ex., blue or another dark color that comes across well) for your answers. Emailed HW 3 files will be promptly deleted. Consider the following almost real-life business case. A midsize company has recently opened up a store in the Fairfax area close to the GMU campus to sell software and hardware products to the GMU student and faculty community. You’re hired as a technical business analyst to make critical business decisions regarding the company’s business policies based on this store. Answer the following questions based on your knowledge of the study materials pertaining to Exam 3 of MSOM 302 (chapters in syllabus). INSTRUCTIONS: You must be very specific in your answers. Do not write things that are irrelevant or beside the point. This exam gauges your knowledge of the most relevant points in making a strategic business decision. All the questions below pertain to one or more strategic decisions. Wherever appropriate, label your answers in accordance with each question (Q1, Q2, Q3, …)
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2 Strategic business decision questions Q1. (5 * 3 = 15 points) Suppose your primary competitor is the GMU bookstore located on campus. Mention five factors by which you can maintain a competitive advantage over the bookstore. Label the factors as 1, 2, 3,… Note that being located on campus, the bookstore is already at a more advantageous position than your store, which is located off campus. Five Factors to maintain a competitive edge over the GMU Bookstore;
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msom 302 Exam3 Study - 1 MSOM 302 EXAM 3 TAKE HOME NOTE...

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