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40 muultiple choice Ch. 4-8 Topin; Resources and capability, and others 11 Topic; Foregin Exchange 9 Topic; Global and Regional Integration 9 Areas to focus on- Tangible and intangible assets -Tangible Resources & Capabilities: assets that are observable and easily quantified as Financial, Physical, Technological, & Organizational -Intangible Resources & Capabilities: assets that are harder to observe & more difficult to quantify like Innovation, Human, & Reputation that provide more competitive advantage. 1. Choke points, know what, where they are 2. Know difference between in house inshoring, off shoring and outsourcing -Outsourcing: Turning over an organizational activity to an outside supplier that will perform it on behalf of the focal firm -Offshoring: Outsourcing to an international or foreign firm. -Inshoring: Outsourcing to a domestic firm. -Captive Sourcing: Setting up subsidiaries abroad so work done inhouse but location is foreign=aka FDI 3. OEM-produce according to your design, OBM, ODM -OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers: a firm that executes design blueprints provided by other firms and manufactures such as products. -ODM, Original Design Manufacturer: a firm that both designs and manufactures products. -OBM, Original Brand Manufacturer: a firm that designs, manufactures, and markets branded products. 4. String of Pearls (on blackboard) Groups of regions where choke points are located 5. Terms-band wagon, crawling band, free floating, dirty floating, currency hedging, -Bandwagon, effects of investors moving in same direction at same time -Crawling band(target ER), specific upper/lower bound where exchange rate is allowed to fluctuate -Free(Clean) Float, pure market solution to determine ER. Dirty(Managed) float, selective gov’t intervention to determine ER. -Currency Hedging, transaction that protects traders and investors from exposure to fluctuations
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6. Monetary & Fiscal Policy-how to use them to stimulate growth (interest rates.) 8. Spot rate, forward rate currency swap Spot Rate, classic single-shot exchange of one currency for another. -Forward transaction, participants buy/sell currencies now for future delivery. Forward
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MSOM_305_EXAM_2_Review_Notes[1] - Global Business Course

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