The Negative and Positive Impacts of ...

The Negative and Positive Impacts of ... - The Negative and...

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The Negative and Positive Impacts of Starbucks on the Environment Rufaro Mandizvidza Justin Tomaselli Yen Tu Mariam Zamani English 302 Collaborative Project- Team 5 Spring 2010 Have you ever wondered how the millions of cups of coffee that are disposed of by the power house coffee company known as StarbucksIn terms of Starbucks on whether having a positive or negative impact on the environment, it shows from many perspectives and resources that it has more positive impacts than negative ones on the environment. According to the University of Surrey, Starbucks came to realization that their actions have direct impact on the environment. Starbucks took the initiatives to launch its social responsibility program back in the 1992. They claim to have been involved and implementing rules on sustainability ever since. Based on the report conducted in the Starbucks environmental stewardship (shared-planet), Starbucks takes a lot of pride in the green sign of its cups that has been widely recognized as the symbol of the company. Starbucks takes into consideration the fact that its disposable cups makes up a larger part of the environmental waste, which is a great concern of the consumers. Therefore Starbucks is working hard towards the goal to “significantly” reduce its waist impact on the environment by 2015. This report also states that for the past ten years, Starbucks has been involved in innovative projects in attempt to decrease biodegradable waste. The first way was
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to take care of the environmental impacts of its disposable cups took placed in 1997. Starbucks used to have “double copping” to protect burning from hot coffee, but with the developing of recycled-content cup sleeves in 1997, it reduced the consumption of double cupping and reduced the environmental impact of Starbucks. In 2006 Starbucks introduced its first hot beverage paper cups which are made with post-consumer recycled fiber. In 2008 Starbucks launched a new beverage called Vivanno, along with which it introduced a new plastic cup that has less environmental impacts than its original plastic cups. Starbucks pushes very much the idea of reusable mugs and cups to help reduce its environmental impacts. For the United States and Canada’s customers Starbucks offers a 10 percent discount to use their own reusable mugs for the their drinks. The in-store customers have the option to request a
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The Negative and Positive Impacts of ... - The Negative and...

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