New Polity of America

New Polity of America - C reating a New Polity (form of...

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Creating a New Polity (form of government) I. The Republican Revolution A. Power and Liberty 1. Assumptions held by the people about good government were put into practice and modified to create the American government 2. While political power was necessary it posed a potential threat to liberty a) amount of political power was finite and individuals would try to in- crease their power by taking/oppressing that of others 3. Did not result in the redistribution of wealth, just the restructuring of government B. Republican Principles 1. Sovereignty in the People: in the most fundamental sense the people were the government a) based on the principle that government had no separate identity 2. Distrust of Government: entirely appropriate to distrust government, commonly assumed that the ruled had to be protected from the rulers II. State Constitutions A. Representations 1. Initiated in May of 1776 -- before independence was formally declared a) representative assembly should represent the views of those who
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New Polity of America - C reating a New Polity (form of...

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