Economic Life in 1860

Economic Life in 1860 - E conomic Life in America...

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Economic Life in America (1820-1860) General Factors Fostering Economic Growth Population Increase 1820-1860, the population increased by about 35% - doubled once every 20 years not due to high life expectancy, most of the increase was the result of high birth rate and low rate of infant mortality High Birth Rate US was teaming with children; as of 1830, 1/3 of Americans under 10 years old as early as 1810, birth rate began to decline in the US arrival of immigrants prevented the decline of population Immigration almost 750 immigrants came in 1820-1840 majority from British Isles and German speaking areas of continental Europe till 1860, 420,000 more people greatest influx of immigration in the 19th century Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands immigrant population as a whole never more than 15% of the US population 1850 - foreign born population climbed over half of population in Boston and NYC majority lived in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio South decided to use slaves in addressing needs for labor, most immigrants chose to make their homes in the Northern states majority of the population growth was in the North, not the South a lot of the growth was due to depression in European countries - lack of land, food, jobs many thought that they were dispensable in their own country 1844-1845 - 1/2 million people were forced to leave Ireland in order to avoid starving; needed to move to where they would survive
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Economic Life in 1860 - E conomic Life in America...

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