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Expansionism - Expansionism and the Issue of Slavery I The...

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Expansionism and the Issue of Slavery I. The Expansionist Impulse A. Motives 1. 1831: Southerners convinced that Northerners were wanting to abolish slavery in the USl Northerners convinced that law should protect slavery 2. the West: represented a challenge to the abundance of free workers to improve their lives 3. 1840s: most Americans favored the idea of expanding the borders of the US a) population growth made it necessary to move into sparsely settled land and exploit the land for hunting and farming b) 1845: expansionist conviction dubbed Manifest Destiny by John O’- Sullivan (NY Dem.) -- divinely sanctioned mission B. Texas 1. Acquired a large number of American settlers, however Texas still a apart of Mexico -- dissatisfied with Mexican rule (abolished slavery and attempted to keep entering American settlers from holding slaves) 2. March 1836: Teas declared its independence from Mexico a) September 1836: after a short war with Mexico, Texas became an independent republic b) the independent republic entered into negotiations with US for re- cognition and annexation c) continued to draw US settlers -- Texas government chose to offer
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