Coming of Civil War

Coming of Civil War - The Coming of the Civil War I....

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Unformatted text preview: The Coming of the Civil War I. Pro-Southern Actions A. Kanas-Nebraska Act (1854) 1. January 1854: Senator Steve Douglass proposed a bill to establish the territories of Kansas and Nebraska -- fell within the area where slavery was banned a) proposed that the territorial governments be set up with popular sovereignty b) accepted an amendment to his bill that repealed the Missouri Com- promise c) recognized that if he set up two free territories, they would become free states and he would face Souther opposition 2. Found Southern support for his bill -- did face some heated debate in Congress but it did pass 3. Had the effect of shattering the fragile equilibrium between North and South that was established in 1815 -- brought slavery back on the polit- ical platform 4. Defied the whole compromise tradition -- made a concession to South- erners without exacting an equal concession to the North 5. Same civil war broke out in Kansas -- pitted slaveowners and their allies in Missouri against settlers in Kansas that favored the abolition of slavery a) Discredited popular sovereignty because the turmoil in Kansas proved that if it was left up to the citizens of the territory, they would not be able to determine their status without bloodshed 6. Destroyed what was left of the political party system a) Whig party divided by sectionalism -- North & South; ceased to ex- ist at the national level b) Democratic party managed to survive -- proponents deserted them in the next election c) Republican party -- similar to “Free Soilers” (ancestors to today’s Republican party); arose in 1854 -- composed entirely of Northern- ers - a combination of free soilers, former Whigs who were sym- pathetic to anti-slavery, etc (1)...
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Coming of Civil War - The Coming of the Civil War I....

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