chapter notes - COMM PROCESS Chapter 1 Culture is Learned-...

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COMM PROCESS Chapter 1 Culture is… Learned - not born with culture, born into culture. Child learns linguistic systems of culture Hidden curriculum - some learning occurs through direct teaching, but most occurs indirectly though living in the culture. Created - even though our culture precedes us, culture is a product of human design Rule governed -cultural rules regulate everything in social situations Rule -a followable prescription that indicates what behavior is obligated, preferred, or prohibited in certain contexts. 4 characteristics of rules- 1. followable- well within the realm of human ability to accomplish the prescribed action. If a rule can be followed it can be ignored or violated 2. prescriptive- explicit and implicit knowledge of the preferred, obligated, or prohibited actions associated with behavior. 3. behavior specific- govern only behaviors, not thoughts, feelings, or attitudes. 4. contextual- rules do not function the same in all situations. Comprised of symbol systems - symbols are verbal and non-verbal codes in culture Symbol systems - the organized and particular ways symbols are arranged to make sense in culture Changes - even within a large culture, things are constantly changing over time Distinctive - culture at any given point in time, changes from place to place
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chapter notes - COMM PROCESS Chapter 1 Culture is Learned-...

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