culturalanthro11 - C HAPTER 11 Belief Systems How do we...

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CHAPTER 11: Belief Systems How do we explain the unexplainable? Supernatural belief- belief that transcends the observable, natural world Supernatural beings- invisible beings that exhibit form, personality, attitudes, and powers Supernatural forces- unseen powers that are not personified and may be manipulated to achieve good or evil Polytheistic- a belief system consisting of many supernatural beings of approximately equal power Monotheistic- belief system that focuses on one all-powerful supernatural being Mana- impersonal supernatural force that plows in and out of ppl and objects Magic- the techniques used to manipulate supernatural forces and beings Shaman- a part-time practitioner of the supernatural who has special powers to mediate btwn the supernatural world and the community Imitative magic- based on the notion that working magic on an image of an animal or person will cause the same effect on the actual animal or person Contagious magic- based on the idea that something that has contact with a person or
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culturalanthro11 - C HAPTER 11 Belief Systems How do we...

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