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communication basics - meanings by the receiver Complete cx...

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cx- the process by which group member encode their thoughts into words and nonverbal signals, share info, forge a collection of individuals into a group, reach agreements on ends and means, and coordinate their efforts. Cx is a complex receiver-oriented process 1. Cx is a process- everchanging, at least 2 ppl, no clear beginning , middle, end. 2. Cx is a complex process- messages sent along verbal and nonverbal pathways simultaneously being perceived by each other 3. Cx is symbolic- ppl send messages to eachother; one person makes thoughts into signals the other takes those signals and makes them into thoughts 4. Cx is a receiver phenomenon- receiver gives the message meaning Cx can be examined from individual to societal level An individual in a group may not participate truthfully bc of intrapersonal cx within them saying not to disagree with the group even if they really do Interpersonal- involving at least two ppl Small group- interpersonal cx among 3 or more ppl; meanings are not transmitted, signals are then given
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Unformatted text preview: meanings by the receiver Complete cx transaction- receiver verifies a senders message meaning during discussion Attention to encoding and decoding is required by each member of the group to have similar perceptions Feedback! Very important Level of understanding during discussion depends on listening and responding Listening- attending to, hearing, and understanding and remembering symbols Hearing- reception of sound waves (not understanding) 1.pseudolistening 2. silent arguing 3.Premature replying 4.Focusing on inrrelavancies and distractions 5.Sidetracking 6.Listening defensively 7. mind raping- insisting that what the speaker meant, is what the listener says the speaker meant Active listening- listener must understand speaker before replying or discussing. .must paraphrase. .must confirm understanding first before responding Focused listening- remembering what has been discussed, what has declined, what the current issues are is a responsibility of all group members...
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communication basics - meanings by the receiver Complete cx...

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