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training manual chpt 1-2 - FORENSIC ANTHRO CHAPTER 1...

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FORENSIC ANTHRO CHAPTER 1 Training Manual Forensic anthropology- the discipline that applies the scientific knowledge of physical anthro and archaeology to the collection and analysis of legal evidence. History of forensic anthro: Thomas Dwight- father of forensic anthropology in the United States, first to publish William Marion Krogman- first to speak directly to law enforcement, published by the FBI William Maples- taught human osteology class, tried to push the idea of forensic anthro T. Dale Stewart- 1970s, edited a publication “Personal identification in Mass Disasters”, forensic anthro finally starts to get recognized as a discipline William M. Bass- published first practical textbook “Human Osteology: A Lab and Field Manual” Cause of death-any condition that leads to or contributes to death (medical determination) Manner of death- legal determination based on evidence or opinion 5 catagories: 1.natural 2.accidental 3.suicidal 4.homicidal 5.undetermined Stages of investigation- 3 main stages
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training manual chpt 1-2 - FORENSIC ANTHRO CHAPTER 1...

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