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Music terms - Music terms Texture interweaving of the...

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Music terms: Texture- interweaving of the melodic lines with harmony in music Monophony- single-voiced music without accompaniment (simplest texture) Heterophony- multiple voices elaborating the same melody at the same time Improvisation- music created on the spot Polyphony- many-voiced texture based on counterpoint Counterpoint- one line set against another Homophony- one melodic voice is prominent over the accompanying lines, or voices Homorhythmic texture- subcategory of homophony in which all the voices move in the same rhythm Imitation- when a melodic idea is presented in one voice, then restated in another (canons and rounds) Sacred music- religious functions Secular music- nonreligious activities Genres- categories Cross over categories- borrow elements of one style for use in another Medium- specific group that performs a piece (i.e. orchestra, chorus) Oral transmission- music that is not written down but passed by mouth Style- distinctive features of any artwork
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  • Spring '10
  • McBrayer
  • Music, Gregorian Chant, Monophony- single-voiced music, music- nonreligious activities, Polyphony- many-voiced texture, music- religious functions, highly melismatic organum

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