Macroeconomic Outline- Thailand

Macroeconomic Outline- Thailand - • Environment Concerns...

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The History of Thailand o Thai Kingdom origins o Siam until 1939 o Revolution o Current Alliances Shift to Democratic Party ABHISIT Wetchachiwa Political Situation - Constitutional monarchy - Administrative divisions o Provinces Economic Situation o Infrastructure o Free enterprise, pro investment policies o Exports o 2008 global financial crisis Key Macroeconomic- - Unemployment rate - GDP growth rate - Pro investment policies Judiciary System - Constitution - Legal System - Suffrage 18 - Judicial Branch o Supreme Court or Sandika – appointed by monarch
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Unformatted text preview: • Environment Concerns o Air pollution from vehicle emissions o Water pollution from organic and factory wastes o Wildlife- illegal hunting o Nature Deforestation Soil erosion • Health Concerns o HIV/AIDS o Food or waterborne diseases o Japanese encephalitis o Malaria o Animal contact Rabies • Religion o Buddhist 94.6% o Muslim o Christian • Education-School life expectancy Total 14 years...
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Macroeconomic Outline- Thailand - • Environment Concerns...

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