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CHFD 3710(2) - CHFD 3710 Why study aging Understand current...

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CHFD 3710 Why study aging? Understand current social issues An increasing older population Ageism “A process of systematic stereotyping & discrimination against people because they are old”—Robert Butler Reflects deep-seated uneasiness by the young & middle-aged Revulsion & distaste for: Growing old Disease Disability Fear of powerlessness, uselessness,death Ageism (research) 77% of a sample of older people experienced at least one incidence of ageism from others Disrespect Assumption that they were from ill People felt stronger negative associations about age than race or gender Older adults had just as strong an age bias as younger people Some older adults try to distance themselves from being “old” *#1 product used in the world—hair dye* “New” Ageism: The Desire to Help Older People Compassionate stereotype
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The aging enterprise Creation of social programs for older people: Medicare *healthcare system* ,older
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