CHFD 3710(3) - CHFD 3710-THEORIES & METHODS...

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Unformatted text preview: CHFD 3710-THEORIES & METHODS Early developments in aging research based on personal experience Fears and Biases Ancient scriptures of the Far East The bible Greek philosophers 17 th Century researchers trained in natural science & medicine Scientific methods Systematic observations First American geriatics publication Began a modern period of aging research Aging is not just a disease![we dont die of old age] *120-theoretical human lifespan* 19 th century: used quantitative methods(numbers) First use of term gerontology Elie Metchnikoff Pasteur institute,paris 1905 Society of Geriatry,1912 Gerontology Research Today Rapid growth after World War II Began to study normal aging 1954-74 50,000 bibliography entries on aging More than all in 19 th century Whole databases devoted to aging resources Social gerontology-study of peoples lives The study of aging informed by the disciplines of: Sociology Biology Psychology And more The Gerontological Society of America(GSA) asked 111 experts Determined three core areas of aging studies: Biomedicine...
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CHFD 3710(3) - CHFD 3710-THEORIES & METHODS...

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