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CHFD 3710 - more.At the same time they do offer an...

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CHFD 3710 CHAPTER 1 Page 4 Supporters of older people created the stereotype of older people as poor,frail, and dependent.This image created sympathy for older people and led to programs such as Medicare ,the Older Americans Act ,and improved Social Security . Page 5 Elderspeak refers to “a specialized speech register resembling baby talk in addressing older adults. Elderspeak sounds like baby talk. Page 7 Ageism negatively affects older people’s self-images and lowers their status in society.It makes everyday life less pleasant and in some cases more difficult. Page 10 Poverty,poor health care,and unhealthy living conditions living conditions put many African American infants and children at greater risk than whites. Older people,compared with younger people,have a much lower risk of violent crime or property crime. Retired people spend more time at home and so protect their property
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Unformatted text preview: more.At the same time they do offer an attractive target for purse snatchers and pickpockets on the street. • Many minority older people live in high-crime neighborhoods and have more exposure to criminals. • Slamming switches a person’s phone to another provider without the owner’s permission. • Cramming occurs when a person gets charged for phone services that he or she never ordered. Page 12 • People with good incomes,married couples,people with a secure pension,and healthy people report some of the greatest life satisfaction in later life. • Research shows that stereotypes exist because of ignorance about later life and the fear of aging.Even positive stereotypes can lead to prejudice and discrimination against older people. Page 13 • The mass media have begun to present more varied images of older people....
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CHFD 3710 - more.At the same time they do offer an...

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