chapter 12J300 – Fargo

chapter 12J300 – Fargo - J300 Fargo Spring...

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J300 – Fargo Spring 2009 Study Guide for Chapter 12 The questions below are designed to help you study as you read Chapter 12 of the Trager- Russomanno-Ross textbook. There are no guarantees that all of these questions will be on the next exam, and there may be questions on the exam that are not here (from lecture notes, for example). 1. What is the difference between pornography, obscenity, and indecency? -Pornography: vague, not legally precise because it encompasses both protected and unprotected sexual material. -Indecency: narrow legal meaning, referring to sexual expression inappropriate for children on broadcast radio and television. -Obscenity: material that appeals to prurient interests is patently offensive; and lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. 2. What is the legal definition of obscenity? What do the various parts of it mean? - For something to be "obscene" it must be shown that the average person, applying contemporary community standards and viewing the material as a whole, would find (1) that the work appeals predominantly to "prurient" interest; (2) that it depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way; and (3) that it lacks serious literary, artistic , political or scientific value. -The government must show a work considered in it’s entirety 1) arouses sexual lust 2) is
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  • Supreme Court of the United States, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Obscenity, indecency, indecency regulations

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chapter 12J300 – Fargo - J300 Fargo Spring...

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