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Review for Final C205 â�� Spring Semester - • “to...

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Review for Final C205 – Spring Semester 21:30 2 Five point essays  22 MC worth 20 points (if you get 2 wrong, you can still get 20 pts) Standard View and Constructionists View: SV: ideas are separate from communication CV: communication creates ideas Richard Lanham (READ) “only ideas matter, not the words that convey them” (1). (Standard) “the CBS theory of prose” (1) clarity, brevity and sincerity   this is how most  people teach writing at universities.  (SV) “Supposed we really behaved according to these tenents, said exactly what  we thought to everyone, with no sugar on top, always showed exactly what  our feelings were?” (2) (SV) o Peter’s critique: it is impossible and undesirable  Why? Because you can only give your partial perspective on  something “when we talk we are communicating attitudes as well as facts” (3) (CV) o all communication is a form of advocacy , carries motives 
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Unformatted text preview: • “to think of ourselves as essentially purposive creatures is to flatter ourselves with a self which is independent, if not of external circumstance, then at least of our fellow man” (5) (critique of SV) o SV believes your sense of identity is independent of culture • “when a teacher asks for a ‘sincere’ style from students- ad then gives them a good grade for it – the students find themselves in a double bind: they must try to be ‘sincere’ in the way they think the teacher wants them to be” (7) o CV: you are never not performing, but there can be cultural aspects that influence your sincerity or genuineness. • “messages are neutral packets of information which we hand over, disinterested gifts, to one another” (7) (SV) o neutrality is impossible...
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