lecture 2 - • Audience • Constraints • Exigence •...

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Various Contexts: The Complexity of Rhetorical Situations Obama In Tuscan What is the rhetorical situation? Mostly Republicans that came Moum, eulogy, bring positive/favorable attributes, remember good qualities Obama gave life stories of victims, especially 9 year old Victims saw bright future we owe it to them for a bright future, are we being worthy to those who gave their lives Many people applauded throughout speech o Applauded for hope, lets learn from this aspects of people’s lives that they want to celebrate Exigence=tragedy Constraints: couldn’t use it for political purposes
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Unformatted text preview: • Audience • Constraints • Exigence • Need to supply fitting response • Since mass media developed President expected to console nation/bring comfort The Rhetoric of Celebration • Tragedy • Tribute to someone • Can give celebration speech that leads us in wrong direction (Ex: Hitler) The Rhetoric in Politics and Governance • Rhetoric of war and Dissent • Rhetoric of public controversies o Gun control • Judicial rhetoric o What people’s insights are o What’s legal...
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lecture 2 - • Audience • Constraints • Exigence •...

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