lecture 3 - • Judicial: certain rules, certain tricks,...

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Rhetoric of Celebration (and its opposite) Can be found in music o Love songs celebrating values of person o Sarah Palin’s song: doesn’t give up, religious views, Key to Washington, throw them all in jail association with common sense (No Harvard Degree) Want to look at kinds of things they value and how the values fit in society Praising someone inherently criticizes someone else Opposite: ridicule, criticize, disrespect, denounce, blame, demagrate What is “celebration”? Pay tribute to things we find positive Why give speech if you don’t want people to do something? They do want us to do something (implicitly) Laying groundwork Have pretty good idea of what they want us to do Sometimes it’s just to tell world Aristotle’s Genres of Rhetoric
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Unformatted text preview: • Judicial: certain rules, certain tricks, lawyers • Deliberative: process of reading decision of what we should do • Epideictic: speaking praise, ceremonial occasions Aristotle: The “appeal’s” in any speech • Ethos: speaker, who are you? Through deeds, words • Pathos: ideals, appeal to emotion • Logos: logic, reasoning, rationale part The Genre of Epideictic • Praise and Blame • Virtues and Values What does it do? • Praises what is good, rejects what is bad • Associations with occasions • Associations with subject Rhetorical Situation for Epideictic • Ritual • Celebration • Moment of crisis Purpose for Epideictic • Inspire insight enjoyment • Not immediate action • Eulogy-tribute to dead...
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lecture 3 - • Judicial: certain rules, certain tricks,...

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