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Two Important forms of Epidictic 1. Eulogy: tribute to the dead (speech) 2. Encomium: speech of praise a. Living persons (retiring) b. Things (artwork) c. Qualities (generosity) Generous man reinforce value and person at same time, criticizing those who aren’t generous (not necessarily intentional -speech of praise used to reinforce bigger values “Ultimate Terms” in the end everyone aims for (God) What are Weaver’s examples of “God” and “Devil” Terms? -1950s God-Term was progress
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Unformatted text preview: science/technology now progressive is a devil term God Terms for 2011: freedom, hope, education, justice, equality, prosperity Devil Terms for 2011: terrorism, racist, liar • God term becomes so praised that you can’t be against them The Power of Eulogy • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address o Win war in ideological terms and military • Space Shuttle Challenger o Virtues of crew: courage, dedication, discovery, progress, pioneers...
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