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Weaver Wants us to be able to pick up loaded words Be agents of viral agent in using words and increase the usage If using words we should be aware of its meaning If you use “buzz” words negatively, you tell audience how you feel about issue without knowing 1. God Term-word that people want to be associated with a. Progress b. American God terms for 2011: hope, happiness, honesty 2. Devil Term-opposite a. Un-American b. Prejudice -Weaver says our daily lives are about pre-judging
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Important things about not thinking about using devil term: 1. Never get to root cause of how we view prejudice 2. We begin to get swept up in words of what people use easily credit/discredit them A. Ultimate Terms a. God-term/devil term B. Charismatic terms-words that have potential to debate against a. No one tries to argue against ultimate b. No one will say being a Nazi is good When using celebration rhetoric someone is dejected...
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