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CS3323 (Data Structures) Fall 2010 Owen Kaser August 23, 2010 Instructor: Dr. Owen Kaser (owen@unbsj.ca), HH 303. Contents: Mathematical background for algorithm analysis. Experimental methods for determining running times. Quick review of elementary data struc- tures (lists and stacks). FIFO queues. Trees (BST, AVL). Hashing. Heaps (binary, skew. Also binomial queues, time permitting). Sorting (radix, quick, merge, heap). Amortized complexity analysis. Graphs (representation and shortest-path algorithms). Time permitting, we will examine algorithms for maintaining disjoint sets and/or computing the biconnected components of a graph. Web Site: The main course web site is http://pizza.unbsj.ca/ ~ owen/ backup/courses/3323-2010 . Another copy is available by starting at my cam- pus home page, http://people.unbsj.ca/ ~ owen and navigating to my “for students” page. Class Times and Office Hours: See my Google teaching calendar: http:// www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=5tris5n16gjpb82r71ri6khhcc%40group. calendar.google.com . I can become available at other times by appointment. I may cancel or abbreviate my office hours due to committee meetings, poor weather, etc. I often (but not always) accept drop-by questions. You may often find me in on Thursday mornings. I respond to emailed questions. If you have a specific question that lends itself to email discussion (no diagrams required!), I encourage you to email me. There will be no class on October 15, due to the APICS CS conference / programming contest in Halifax. Consider competing. As well, there will be no class on October 13. Missed time will be made up, partly by a 2-hour lab exam to be held at the end of the term. Extra 1
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lectures to make up additional time will be announced on the course web page. Textbook:
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outline - CS3323 (Data Structures) Fall 2010 Owen Kaser...

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