Beam SOC 210 AVID Syllabus Fall 2010

Beam SOC 210 AVID Syllabus Fall 2010 - Course Outline SOC...

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Course Outline SOC 210 - Introduction to Sociology Central Carolina Community College Instructor: Leigh Beam Office Phone: 919-718-7346 or Email Address : [email protected] 1-800-542-6495 ext.7346 Office : #3, Bell Building, Sanford Campus Office Hours : MWF 10-10:50 T 1-2 (online) Course Description This course introduces the scientific study of human society, culture, and social interactions. Topics include socialization, research methods, institutions, and organizations. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of sociological concepts as they apply to the interplay among individuals, groups, and societies. Rationale This course is a requirement in Human Services Technology and several other programs. It also is approved as a transferable course to most four-year colleges in N.C. The course is also an excellent foundation for understanding the culturally diverse and interesting world in which we live. Expected Student Outcomes Upon completion of this course, students should be able to identify the major components of culture compare and contrast the major theories in sociology understand the socialization process and identify the major agents of socialization differentiate between types of social groups and organizations describe the concept of deviance and social control discuss different aspects of social stratification including race, ethnicity, sex, and gender identify major sociological institutions such as family, education, religion, and health understand causes of social change Responsibilities Of The Instructor And The Student The instructor can expect the student to… Complete all required assignments and tests by the date due Regularly communicate with the course instructor and other students as appropriate Actively engage in all required discussions Regularly check the course site (including the announcements and syllabus) for updates
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Be professional and respectful in all communications with the instructor and other students Be honest and responsible Be committed to success in the course The student can expect the instructor to… Provide complete and well-organized course materials Encourage questions and other communications Maintain office hours each week and be available for questions during that time Provide feedback on assignments within 10 days (14 days for papers) following due dates Respond to messages within 36 hours, M-F, unless otherwise announced Be professional and respectful in all communications with the student Course Prerequisite(s) : None Course Credit Hours : 3 hours credit (SHC) Required Text : Society: The Basics , 10th Edition, by John J. Macionis Required Software : All Papers must be completed in Microsoft Word Specific Course Policies and Procedures ORIENTATION Students are required to complete an online orientation. This orientation has six steps and three required activities: sending your instructor an email from Bb using your
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Beam SOC 210 AVID Syllabus Fall 2010 - Course Outline SOC...

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