Chapter 01 MC - CHAPTER ONE Multiple Choice Questions 1-1....

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CHAPTER ONE Multiple Choice Questions 1-1. One of the most important disadvantages of the corporate form of business is: a. limited owner liability b. ease of transferring ownership c. double taxation d. unlimited owner liability 1-2. An important advantage a general partner usually has is: a. limited liability b. larger share of profit distribution c. unlimited liability d. only one person in control 1-3. Which statement is correct about limited partners? a. they have management control limited to their percent of investment b. they have no tax liability c. they can lose only one half of their initial investment d. there is no limit to the number of partners that may participate 1-4. Profit maximization: a. is an economic principle only b. is avoided because it is a long-run concept c. maximizes the wealth of the owners d. does not consider cash flow or risk 1-5. Wealth maximization: a. is usually discounted by bondholders b. takes a long-run perspective that focuses on the owners c. is a long-run perspective used by financial managers for internal use only d. is an accounting number 1-6. A Subchapter S corporation: a. is a large corporation b. has limited liability for its owners c. is double taxed d. has unlimited liability for its owners 1-7. An agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the principals: a. always 1
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b. for ethical obligations only c. never d. for legal obligations only 1-8. In a very large corporation, the financial planner usually reports directly to the: a. treasurer b. controller c. chief financial officer d. financial accountant
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Chapter 01 MC - CHAPTER ONE Multiple Choice Questions 1-1....

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