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backorders - 2 Speculation is already raising about the...

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Great article on backorders! I enjoyed reading the article and was impressed how well it was put together. I liked how you compared the same concepts using many sources and still painted a clear picture. I have a strong background in the retail industry and backorders are something I’m very familiar with. The most recent example I can use to illustrate a “real life” backorder product would be the Droid sold by Verizon Wireless. Most brick and mortar stores sold out of the Droid early the first day it became available. Ever since, it has been a major struggle to find one. Verizon has been struggling with inventory issues ever since the launch. Verizon is taking backorders with a planned shipping date of August 23, though they have seen that pushed back many times. Verizon’s next big launch will be for the next generation of the original Droid, the Droid
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Speculation is already raising about the inventory management problems that might arise from its rumored launch near the end of August (Jenkins, 2010). Could Verizon be facing ongoing shortages of these popular Droid phones? This backs up your research on how backordering is apparently a very serious issue in today’s business world. The more customers are asked to wait, the more their patience runs thin. If a company cannot provide results to today’s consumers with their instant gratification mindset, then those customers will find a different company who will provide them with what they want. Jenkins, C. (2010). Droid x inventory issues still plague Verizon. Though sold out in most stores, it can still be found online. Official Wire ,...
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