MIS DB Q 1 - Management Information Systems Rapid...

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Management Information Systems Rapid development of science and technology, especially the usage of Internet and computer technology, has brought outstanding changes to our economy, society and culture (Fan, 2009). However, as the torrent of information increases, it is not surprising that people feel overwhelmed. Knowledge has become so specialized that it is impossible for any individual to grasp the whole picture. “There is an immense risk of cognitive overload," explains Carl Pabo, a molecular biologist who studies cognition. For example, a study in 2004 suggested that in epidemiology alone it would take 21 hours of work a day just to stay current (Handling the cornucopia, 2010). Furthermore, as more people around the world become more educated, the flow of knowledge will increase even further. In business where time is literally money, MIS systems could save hours a day (Bray, 2009). Therefore, in order to solve complex data, management information systems are used to digest the data in a more comprehensive form to save company’s time and money. Management information system is formally defined as a general name for the business function and academic discipline covering the application of people, technologies, and procedures to solve business problems (Haag, Baltzan, & Phillips, 2009). The Encyclopedia Britannica
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MIS DB Q 1 - Management Information Systems Rapid...

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