Question #2 - options Managers of an organization may...

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Question # 2 Changing an organization’s domain is not only a feasible strategy for coping with a threatening environment; it may well be the best course of action. An organizations domain defines the organization’s niche and defines those external sectors with which the organization will interact to accomplish its goals. In recent news, an organization that has done an excellent job with changing with the times is Apple, Inc. With the invention of the iPhone, Steve Jobs changed the domain of Apple, Inc. Apple has surpassed Microsoft as the largest technology company in the world because they developed a product that created a new niche in a large technological environment. Apple hopes the invention of the iPad will erode the usefulness of the personal computer and lead the world into the post PC era (Nakashima, 2010). When the environment for a company is threatened it should analyze all of its
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Unformatted text preview: options. Managers of an organization may change the domain of a company for many reasons in order to allow the organization to grow and expand its grip in a certain market. According to Daft (2010), “An organization’s domain is not fixed. Managers make decisions about which business to be in, the markets to enter, and the suppliers, banks, employees, and location to use, and this domain can be changed if necessary to keep the organization competitive” (p. 162). If organizations don’t change they will be left behind because they will be unable to keep up with competition. References Daft, Richard L. (2010). Organization Theory and Design (10 ed.). South-Western, Cengage Learning Nakashima, Ryan. 2010. iPad idea predicated iPhone: Jobs. Associated Press Retrieved from:
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Question #2 - options Managers of an organization may...

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