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Reply to Arif Khan on CRM Arif Khan, I think you did an excellent job researching customer relationship management (CRM). Customer relationship management is self explanatory, but the research provided makes it that much easier to understand. I think that any business that strives to be successful, should always keep customer relationship management as one of its top priorities. It is easier for a business to keep a customer that they already have, than it is for a business to attract new customers. To keep existing customers, businesses need to strive to always make sure that the customer comes first. Every department within an organization should take part in customer relationship management. Customer relationship management is only successful when implemented by the entire business. In the article, Evaluation of the Customer Relationship Management Programs of Grocery Chains in Thailand, research is provided about the various ways that major grocery stores in Thailand are trying to differentiate themselves. One way is by developing a customer relationship management program in order to learn about customer behaviors. Many of the grocery stores in Thailand use the loyalty card program which has provided positive feedback from customers. The loyalty card program also provides information on ways to serve the customers better. Many businesses exist today because of the existing customers that they have. The related article states that the objective of customer relationship management is to maintain its current customers, to make them more loyal to the company (Rittippant, Supradit, Viriyasirimongkol, &
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Reply to Arif Khan on CRM - Reply to Arif Khan on CRM Arif...

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