Homework - regarded as capable of speaking about where you...

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Summery The article speaks about aging in relation to a deep prejudice and how it is based on faulty premises. It categorizes people once they have put a few decent decades behind them. Ageism defines by age rather than ability. Also, the age at which one is designated old gets younger and younger in a society where fear of ageing arises earlier and earlier. Reaction The problem with age is not age but the negative stereotypes that surround it. That is what makes ageism so irritating. It is patronizing. Its images are incorrect. The reality of age as it is lived also challenges those images, but too often go unchallenged. Like most stereotypes, those designated know the stereotype is false, but you have to be older to know that. You have to be older to qualify as old. And by the time you have arrived to that stage, which others call past it, you are no longer
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Unformatted text preview: regarded as capable of speaking about where you are, in the eyes of those who think you might not even be sure of that. I like the notion of past it because it says how many things we have passed through. You cannot go past what you have not encountered. To be past it is to have come across situations, entertained, enjoyed and moved past them to the next opportunities life gives us to enjoy if we are lucky enough to reach them. Reference The Irish Times, April 20, 2010 Tuesday, HEALTH; Your Health. Retrieved from, http://www.lexisnexis.com.ezproxy.liberty.edu:2048/us/lnacademic/results/docview/do cview.do?docLinkInd=true&risb=21_T9665910925&format=GNBFI&sort=RELEVA NCE&startDocNo=1&resultsUrlKey=29_T9665910928&cisb=22_T9665910927&tree Max=true&treeWidth=0&csi=142626&docNo=18...
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Homework - regarded as capable of speaking about where you...

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