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1. Describe yourself : In the past, the experience I had with groups has been mixed. The groups I’ve been part of that had great success were teams that all members pulled their weight and met set deadlines. My boss would describe me as a little on the OCD side with organization. 2. Communication Expectations : Response times within 72 hours would be acceptable for me. I will be checking the group DB at least every other day throughout the week. I’ve never experienced a conference call for a group assignment; however, I’m sure it would be a great tool to use if the group is stuck or in conflict. Clarification issues would be a good time to use online chats, etc. 3. Behavioral Expectations : The best behavior for success in a group project is to be pro- active with the assignment. The number one behavior that I’ve encountered in past groups that caused issue was laziness . I would like others to see me as a team member who went the extra mile and the work I post is carefully edited. 4.
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