Buckingham, Markus - First Break All The Rules

Buckingham, Markus - First Break All The Rules - FIRST,...

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from Soundview Executive Book Summaries February 2000 FIRST , BREAK ALL THE RULES What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently By Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman THE SUMMARY IN BRIEF Based on in-depth interviews with more than 80,000 managers at all levels (and in companies of all sizes), the Gallup Organization’s Buckingham and Coffman reveal in this summary what great managers do differently from ordinary managers to coax world class performance out of their workers. Great managers, write the authors, routinely break all the rules. They take the conventional wisdom about human nature and managing people and turn it upside down. In this summary you will learn which conventional wisdoms to ignore. First, you will find a simple list of twelve questions that will help you assess whether your workplace is the kind of place that will attract and keep the best employees. You will then learn the four keys for unlocking the potential of each and every one of your employees. The first key is to select employees based on talent rather than experience or intelligence. This summary will help you learn what talent is and why you can’t create it from scratch. The second key is to evaluate performance based on desired outcomes rather than direct control over the way a worker performs his or her job. You will learn how to define outcomes so performance can be measured and tracked. The third key to great management is to reject the conventional wisdom that people can be fixed. Focus on strength, the authors urge, not on weaknesses. You will learn how to manage around weaknesses. The fourth and final key is to find the right fit for your employees’ talents. Again, you will learn to avoid the conventional wisdom that promotion is the only just reward for high performance - mindset that creates an organization where everyone is ultimately promoted to their level of incompetence. Marcus Buckingham is the leader of The Gallup Organization’s twenty-year effort to identify the core characteristics of great managers and great workplaces. He is also a senior lecturer in Gallup’s Leadership Institute. Curt Coffman is the global practice leader for the Gallup Organization’s Workplace Management Practice. He consults regularly on the development of productive customer-oriented workplaces. This summary of First, Break all The Rules, What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently 10 LaCrue Avenue, Concordville, PA 19331 .
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First, Break All the Rules from Soundview Executive Book Summaries February 2000 2 THE THE COMPLETE SUMMARY The Measuring Stick Today, more than ever, employers realize they must find and keep top talent for every role. And the approach many of them are taking is to offer an array of carrots to keep employees happy and around. The problem is that carrots in the form of perks are expensive and may not accomplish their purpose. Carrots don’t distinguish between great performers,
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Buckingham, Markus - First Break All The Rules - FIRST,...

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