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exam2-1 - ,l_—~=_u.— 1 Ph c e if at r ysws 4(1" D...

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Unformatted text preview: ,l -.._—~=_u.—- 1 Ph ' c e if at? r ysws 4 (1" D, Lee) m. , ( '3 November 5, 2004 ouuture _ EXAM #2 @ *Please draw an appropriate picture & box the final answer to three significant figures (especially if units are involved); credit is based on the completeness of your solution good lucki“ w. Crr'fica/Ang/e: Light (from 156 glass to 1.00 air) has an incident angie ofone-third ofthe critical angle. Compute the transmitted “refra Rik angle in air. r7 7 Q W:E.S(:>3 510'”? :1 ©~~ / His/3:9; fltgm (b1; '7 l i». Jr ; “.1, Loaf. Mirror A @533 mirror has a radius ofcurvature of R z 20 cm. An erect ob'ect with a heigtg of L2] cm is placed 20 cm in from ofthe mirror. What is the height ofthe image? Also draw a ray diagram approximately to scale, h; E‘Zicvq d520ch :. coCt/Ln 4:“ = --- if) c L-M- . i“ '2 s _ <5 i .L .,__i_. ”E u; if” i i €' c1 cl’ *IOE'zo—tcl/ l l ‘i I“) WED 20 h C" cl’:e'néié67CM/\ . I f f i c, m: fl. 5:. __, I») :>e,b5?: M d V) 2c: 3 .2 to» ...
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