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exam3-1 - ’_2h;y'5ics sac w I Let 2 T:3 sigmmure IEXxMV...

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Unformatted text preview: . ’ __2h;y'5ics sac w: I}. Let} 2;; T; May 36, 300:3 / sigmmure IEXxMV} 133 ‘ “Meme cinm- 2m agpmpriafie picture 8: i307: thc final answer to m significant figurw {efipctiaiiy ifunits am invoivcd}; geod iucki“ ~x Lofig firick A: mam temperatuic, a IQBg mapper stick has a iength (if m m. Find the im-reascs‘decrwse in its length whet: fihe envéwnmentafi Eampieratum is changes; $0 458 “C. NGTE: far {zappea (a: m 17- :0’“{(:". MW [EL—:3 L" ”M Wig/nee Chafiga‘ A ccppar spherfl has a valuing insrcasnc cf om: cubic centimater when it undergges a temperature increase cf sweaty kelvm, What is ti}: initial radius 43:?“ the Sphere in {cm}? v» H fim “ '5: m ”’ :7 M a, K Pref - :L— 5m, 9M»: «4 , i W’ 2' 3 :3; 1.43 1‘. ‘er- s: W 3 5v “5: ...
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