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Rena Lu AP Euro Summer Research The Black Death 1. The black plague was caused by a person becoming infected with the bacterium Yersinia pestis. It was spread by fleas that had been infected by their hosts usually rats. When the rats died, the fleas moved on to infect other hosts, including humans 2. The disease is thought to have started in Central Asia and carried outward from there by means of merchant ships via the Silk Road 3. Some districts such as the Duchy of Milan, Flanders, and Bearn were not hit very hard. Perhaps it was because these places did not trade as often with other cities and therefore were not as exposed to the disease. Also they may have been more in the countryside where there were fewer people and less risk of contamination 4. One group believed that since they were bound to die, they might as well make the best of their lives. They lived extravagantly, throwing parties and living lavishly. 5. At the time, medical science was not aware of the concept of microorganisms and bacterium. They instead attempted to cure the disease with superstitious rituals and used leeches to suck the bad blood out. Talismans, charms, and spells were commonly used. Incense was burned to ward off evil spirits which they believed caused the plague and entered their body through the bad smell (of rotting flesh). 6. There were negative and positive impacts of the plague. Although the plague killed much of the population causing a drastic decrease in workforce, wages rose due to a sudden demand for healthy workers. Societal structure began to change, giving poor laborers more say. Peasants and artisans demanded higher wages. 7. Due to a shift of the focus to the disease, feudalism ended. Because there were suddenly much fewer people alive, there were more goods and supplies to go around. Thus, prices dropped and the standard of living rose. 8. Many people ran to the church to buy remedies that the church essentially made up.
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APEuropeanHistory summer work - Rena Lu AP Euro Summer...

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