FinalExamV0 - Final Exam Math 2930 Summer 2009 NOTES...

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Final Exam Math 2930 Summer 2009 NOTES (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY): Due before lecture on Fri, 7/31. Open book, use of calculators, computers and internet are allowed, conceptual mutual dis- cussions that are non-specific to exam problems are allowed (basically just dont discuss the answers and solution tricks or steps involved for the exam problems with each other). Any questions to TA and instructor on the interpretation of problems are allowed only until Wed, 7/29 lecture. After that, no questions/ concerns on the exam will be addressed by TA and Instructor. SO, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ALL THE PROBLEMS AND QUICKLY ATTEMPT ALL OF THEM WELL BEFORE WED, 7/29 LECTURE. Any corrections may be posted and announced. A discussion forum on Blackboard has been created for final exam. Please post all your queries/ concerns to TA to instructor in the discussion forum. NO EMAIL QUERIES WILL BE REPLIED. You can also ask queries in lectures/ office hours. You can use discussion forum for mutual discussion as well. Submit only neatly written solutions, otherwise you risk losing points. The final graded exams will not be returned to you, but instead be submitted to Math department. You can request to see your graded exam directly with the Math department. There are four problems, each one worth 25 points. You will be scored from 75 points. So 25 points are bonus, don’t lose it! 1. (25 points) Consider the following boundary value problem (BVP)
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FinalExamV0 - Final Exam Math 2930 Summer 2009 NOTES...

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