Ch1_Worksheet - Information Systems Today Chapter 1 Reading...

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Information Systems Today – Chapter 1 Reading Worksheet Key Terms Knowledge worker Knowledge society New economy Digital Divide Globalization Data Information Knowledge Wisdom CIO Internetworking Systems Integration Table 1.6 Know the different types of Information Systems (TPS, MIS, EIS, DSS, GIS, CRM, ERP, SCM, Collaboration System Office Automation System) Downsizing Outsourcing Key Terms from ISToday - Chapter 1 Question Answer Knowledge worker Educated professionals who create, modify, and synthesize knowledge as part of the job. Knowledge society A society where knowledge becomes the production resource, over capitol and labor. any society where knowledge is the primary production resource instead of capital and labour educated people that places importance on education and knowledge. New economy People work with their minds in a globally connect society. Innovation is more important that mass production and rapid change is constant. Digital Divide People who have access to technology have a great advantage over people who don't. Globalization Integration of economies throughout the world. Data raw material, unformatted such as words and numbers. ex. 9096262771 Information formatted data so that the numbers and/or letters mean something ex. (909)626-2771
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Ch1_Worksheet - Information Systems Today Chapter 1 Reading...

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