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3.8-2 - SEGTHJN 3.8 Siatically Indeterminate Tursinna...

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Unformatted text preview: SEGTHJN 3.8 Siatically Indeterminate Tursinna: Members 333 Solutiun 3.8-2 circular bar wiih fixed ends (a) ANGLE {)F TWIST AT sacrum-Is b‘ AND C . ii) I ______ , l; l /'—:_‘\Um;lx f \ L_____l___... _ mm _ 0 m :b = d; =£= T“ (L — “rm-1 ‘ " "‘”’ mp Glpl. “ " dd) 7 A 72 *jjfl* L ‘“ ~l\} {Ill (rip (M) i ’3:(1L~+\«:0 ch“ " L A 01‘ \ I —-. V“ 4 (h) MAXIML'M ANGLE UP TWIST 7M. ‘l'umx = l‘ljfilinus : l‘ll’ifli'rl; : EEK; 6w Problem 3.8-3 A snlirl circulur Shall r'lB of (limnelcr d is lixcd against rmzuirm Lu bmh ends (see figure}. A circular LilSli is ailflchcd L0 [he shall m the location shown. Whul is [110 largest permissible angle of rmmion (bum ml the disk il‘ lhc ullmvublc slicur slrcss in [he shall is mm? (Assume Iliul c: > I). Also. use Eqs. 3-4611 and [1 of Example 3-9 m ubluiu the rcuctivc lurqucs.) Assume that in torque E, acts in the disk. The reactive mrqucs cam he obtained from Eqs. [3-4611 and bi: Till? V ~ 1;)“ 7h m I} * W“ L I. Since (1 >1). the larger lorquc {and heucc [he lurgcr stress] is in the right hand segment. ...
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