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5.115 - Problem 5.115 The bar ABC is supported by ball and...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 5.115 The bar ABC is supported by ball and socket supports at A and C and the cable SD. The suspended mass is lSOO kg. Determine the tension in the cable. Solution: We take moments about the line AC to eliminate the rcnctions ill A and C. WI; have N .. —25 + Zj w it PM: :— —(4 m Hi. 11ng : Hm fl?” HIV 2 [2i — 4k) in, W = #(ISOU kg)l9.Hl nifslli (ii - 4k I l! f: : -—m—~"- = ”(3i - 2k) ( ‘ J33 f5 17.6CikN The one equilibrium equation Wl.‘ nccd is T MAC 2 flat - lfiw X TA.“ 4' l’nu' M W) 2 U __z This ctguution ruduccs to tilt: scalar equation 8 ‘ 8 ' (3i - 2k)- ([1; 111] Tupi 1'“ [a In] TINA] — [4 l‘llui-iIIIG kNII 1 71:3 A [2 mil 17.00 kN|k) : [J l B ”— (3 {[— ”11TH” w [4 mlll'i'.66 kNI}+ 2 Ill mIHThh RN”) 2 ll Ji 3 , Solving wc find nutcriul is protected under all can without permission in writing [(9 2003 Penrson Education. Inc.. Uppci' Saddle River. N]. All rights reserved. This a currently exist. No portion of this mulcriul 111in be rcpi'oduccd. in any form or by any means. ...
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