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Old_Finals_Answers-F08.doc 1 X Y R1 30 R2 20 M2 8 M1 10 A1 15 Station 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station 4 MGMT 46000: Answers to old final exams F. 2008 Spring 2008: Answers/partial solutions Question 2 Part A: 1. What is the cycle time (CT) of station 3 ? Capacity of station 3: 5 units/min. CT = 12.0 sec/units. 2. What is the capacity of the entire process in units per hour ? Station 4 is the bottleneck. Process Capacity = 240 units / hr. 3. What is the hourly labor productivity of this process ? Productivity = (240 units / hr) / (5 workers) = 48 units / labor hour 4. What is the minimum throughput time TPT of the complete process? Explain your answer. Minimum TPT = 35 sec. Explanation must be added here. Part B: Flow rate = 5/6 min. Flow time = 12 min / customer. The claim is not realistic. Part C: A. How should we schedule the machine to maximize monthly production? On odd numbered days start with J, do the set up change and produce M rest of the day such that production of J and M is in the desired ratio. On even days, continue with M and switch to J after the setup change. B. How many units of each product can we produce in 1 month? Verify that the numbers are in the proper ratio desired. Monthly production of J = 420 units. Monthly production of M = 840 units Part D: The plant capacity of 22000 units of AA means the plant is open for 22 days. 43000 units of the standard product will need 43000/2000 = 21.5 days. Therefore the plant capacity is adequate. Question 3 [25 points]: Part A: u = 45000 / (12 * 25) = 150 units / day. H = 12 dollars per unit per year.
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Old_Finals_Answers-F08 - MGMT 46000: Answers to old final...

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