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Unformatted text preview: Update on Midterm 1 and Course Mechanics 1/29/09 I plan to post as a sample exam a copy of the first midterm used for Econ 25200 last semester, Fall 2008. It is important to note that this sample exam covered Chapters 1 – 6 (whereas your exam will cover Chapters 1 – 5). It is also important to note that the “green star questions” are similar in spirit, but typically not covering exactly the same items, as your “red star questions.” I will no t provide an answer key for the sample exam (as I said in class, I think that a lot more learning will occur if people have to think about what is the right answer, or even start discussing the questions with others, than by providing the answers). And I am certainly not willing to go through the sample exam question by question, either individually or collectively. Be aware, given that this was the first time I’d taught Principles of Macroeconomics in several decades, and since I was also functioning at the time with a slipped disc that made sitting at a...
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