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Course Mini-Project CSCE 670, Spring 2010 Introduction For the course project, you will work in teams of up to two students on a research problem of your choosing that is interesting, signi±cant, and relevant to Information Storage & Retrieval. The ultimate goal of your course mini-project is to develop a new tool to tackle some interesting real-world problem. I encourage you to brainstorm on your own, but I will make available some sample mini-project topics to help guide you. You are welcome to use any language/platform that you wish and to take advantage of existing APIs and code libraries. At the end of the semester, we will hold an IR Workshop during our regular class time. Each team will build a web application and deliver a 5-minute in-class project presentation and a brief 3-4 page executive summary. Grading Criteria The course project counts for 18% of your Fnal grade . You will receive an overall rating based on the performance of your entire team, as well as an individual rating based on the feedback of your teammate and your participation in the ±nal project presentation. Typically, the individual rating can bump or depress your project grade by some small delta (say moving a group rating of 85/100 plus or minus 5 points). Rarely, a project score may be depressed signi±cantly if a group member makes only a super±cial contribution to a project. Your project will be graded based on three key milestones: 5% Milestone 1: Project Proposal 35% Milestone 2: In-Class Project Presentation 60% Milestone 3: Final Project Report and Web Application Recall that your late days are applicable to homework assignments only . All project milestones are due on their respective due date. No late project milestones will be accepted. Milestone 1: Project Proposal Due by 11:59pm on Thursday, April 1 5% of project grade You are required to write a one-page proposal before you actually go in depth on a topic. Please email your proposal (in PDF) to both me and to our TA Kyumin Lee. In the proposal, you should address the following questions and include the names and email addresses of each team member. As long as these questions are addressed, the proposal does not have to be very long. A couple of sentences for each question would be suf±cient. Page 1 of 7
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Your proposal should state explicitly all the following: What is exactly the function of your tool? That is, what will it do? Why would we need such a tool and who would you expect to use it and beneFt from it? Does this kind of tools already exist? If similar tools exist, how is your tool different from them? Would people care about the difference? How hard is it to build such a tool? What is the challenge?
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mini_project - Course Mini-Project CSCE 670 Spring 2010...

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