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LabReport 1with food

LabReport 1with food - Stephanie Lee 603904125 Life...

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Stephanie Lee 603904125 Life Sciences 2 Section 2J Kent Vu January 5, 2011 How does food intake affect memory storage? Introduction A considerable amount of experimental evidence suggests that food intake and nutrition plays a critical role in memory processes. 1 Food is an essential part of our lives, providing our bodies with the energy we need to function. The observation that eating a few hours before test-taking will jumpstart and aid in information retention will be put to the test as we examine whether those who ate 2 hours prior to taking visual memory tests will perform significantly better than those who ate 12 hours prior and went nearly half a day without fuel for thinking. The null hypothesis is that the difference in mean number of pictures recalled between the two separate groups of eaters, ones who ate 2 hours prior and ones who ate 12 hours prior, is not statistically significant enough to establish an association between the variables of food intake prior to test-taking and memory. Put more simply, the difference in memory between food intake groups is due to chance and subjects from both groups will remember images equally well. If results turn out to be statistically significant however, they may shift our approaches to preparing for comprehensive exams and alter the eating habits of students. Many times in preparation for big tests students neglect their bodies and go without eating for long periods of time in order to allocate more time
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for studying. Yet if eating does show an increase in memory retention and those who have eaten closer to the time of testing perform on average better on exams than those who have gone half a day without nutrition, students may instead decide to spend more time making sure that they are well-fed before exams.
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